Should Babies Be Booted From Restaurants? Alinea Chef Grant Achatz Sounds Off

Rachel Tepper Paley
January 13, 2014

Chefs and restaurateurs have been spouting off about whether kids should be in their establishments for what seems like forever. But when chef Grant Achatz weighs in, ears perk up.

Achatz, who helms molecular gastronomy temples Alinea and Next in Chicago, tweeted his frustration about an underage diner on Saturday.

If there was any confusion about Achatz’s real feelings on the matter, a Monday morning tweet cleared that up.

So yeah, Chef Achatz probably doesn’t want you to bring your kid to Alinea. Plenty of his Twitter followers agreed with him, including food writer Carol Blymire.

Others disagreed, including former Washington City Paper restaurant critic Chris Shott.

Probably the best thing to come out of the whole debate is the Twitter handle @AlineaBaby, which—surprise, surprise—is inspired by the crying baby described in Achatz’s first tweet. 

The “baby” had a great retort to Achatz’s “not baby food” tweet.

Probably, Alinea Baby. Probably.

[via Eater]