Giorgio Moroder Brings Vintage EDM to Vegas with a Stage Show

Greg Keraghosian
Associate Travel Editor
April 24, 2014

(Photo: Alayna Vandervort, courtesy LUMA Foundation)

It looks like Celine Dion and Blue Man Group are going to see a new headliner in the desert. Electronic dance pioneer Giorgio Moroder, who produced some of the most famous disco songs of the 1970s, says he’s going to launch a Las Vegas stage show called “A Night with Giorgio Moroder.”

Moroder, who at 73 is seeing his career go through a renaissance, told The Guardian in an interview published Wednesday that this would be a “permanent show, based on disco.” He said he would be the DJ, but that as the franchise grew he could incorporate other major DJs as well.

"Of course I wouldn’t just use my own songs – there are so many great disco songs, Chic and all those guys – and I would do probably an hour and a half,” Moroder told The Guardian. “We’re thinking of starting first in Vegas (but) it will probably be a bit like Blue Man Group – they have a franchise. We might even talk to the Cirque De Soleil team.”

Moroder said he’s working with a “a huge American management company” on the project. There’s no word yet on where in Vegas the show would appear.

If you ever wondered who created the historic synth riff on Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love,” Moroder is the guy. He also was behind “Love to Love You,” by Summer, “What a Feelin” by Irene Cara, and “Call Me” by Blondie.

The timing of the show would coincide with a boom of electronic dance music in Vegas – not the disco divas of the 70s, but the sleeker, younger EDM championed by such high-priced DJs as Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Afrojack.  SPIN reported that Vegas’ 10 biggest EDM-centric nightclubs are estimated to have grossed a combined $700 million last year. And Harris reportedly makes $300,000 per show.

Moroder already thrust himself back in the spotlight this year with his appearance on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. One of the tracks is named “Giorgio” and includes his first-person narration of starting out as a DJ in Berlin.