Father's Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Rachel Tepper Paley
June 3, 2014

Father’s Day is around the corner, which means that it’s time to stop procrastinating and start considering the perfect gift. How about something delicious?

Finding the perfect food- or drink-inspired present really comes down to deciphering Dad’s taste buds. Is he a coffee nut? Does he eschew wine for a tall pint of chilled lager? Or does he like to dreamily plant pea pods in the garden?

Think it over and consider a few of our favorite gifts for every type of Dad.

For the Caffeine-Crazed Dad: A Chemex Starter Set

Photo credit: La Colombe

If Dad’s a four-cup-a-day kind of guy, help him make each one amazing with this "pourover" coffee starter set from La Colombe. A hundred bucks gets you a Chemex six-cup brewer, filters, a scale to weigh your coffee beans, and a bag of La Colombe coffee.

Since pourover coffee is brewed a cup at a time, it’s super fresh, and the shape of the Chemex helps release tons of tantalizing aromas that’ll have Dad buzzing.

For the Tippler Dad: A Cocktail Club Membership

Photo credit: Saxon + Parole/Facebook

If Dad spends more time at the bar than manning the grill, a membership in New York City cocktail bar Saxon + Parole’s "Cabinet of Cocktail Curiosities" club might be just the thing. Each month, Saxon + Parole’s cocktail maestro Masa Urishido crafts a cocktail that’s bottled and sent to Dad’s doorstop.

For instance, this month’s cocktail is the Bluegrass Swizzle, a potent combination of Basil Hayden Bourbon, Fino Sherry, and a house-made sugary syrup infused with Provence herbs, lavender, rosemary, oregano, thyme, and marjoram. Try the membership out for $75 a month, $225 for three months, or $790 for a full year.

For the Farmer Dad: Heirloom Seeds

Photo credit: Kaufmann Mercantile

A set of heirloom seeds would make a historic addition to Dad’s already-overflowing vegetable garden. For $11.95, Kaufmann Mercantile offers a selection that includes “Thomas Laxton” peas, “Southern Giant” mustard, “Bonnie Best” tomatoes, and “California Wonder” peppers—all of which have been cultivated for at least 50 years.

For the Ambitious Baker Dad: “Modern Art Desserts” by Caitlin Freeman

Photo credit: Blue Bottle Coffee

Do you recall the gorgeous Mondrian-style cakes pastry chef Caitlin Freeman whipped up a few years back for the Blue Bottle Coffee Bar at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art? Now Dad can give them a whirl himself with help from Freeman’s book of modern artinspired desserts, which costs just $25.

For the Fisherman Dad: Some Gorgeous Bait

Photo credit: Cabela’s

Fishing lures can be both beautiful and functional, which couldn’t be more true for the bait available at Cabela’s. This “baby shad,” which goes for $13.99, features a shimmering tail and bendable body. It’ll entice a number of different game fish (and Dad, too).

For the Beer-Loving Dad: A Homebrew Kit

Photo credit: Brooklyn Brew Shop/Facebook

Brooklyn Brew Shop offers a wide variety of homebrew kits—flavors include chocolate maple porter, jalapeño saison, and grapefruit honey ale—which means your suds-loving dad can brew to his palate’s content. Kits generally run $40 and include a one-gallon glass fermenting vessel, thermometer, stopper, and other essentials.

For the Grill-King Dad: A Grill Press

Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma

If Dad prefers to cook everything on the grill, this grill press from Williams-Sonoma will come in handy. According to the product description, the $30 press prevents bacon and thin cuts of meat from curling up while cooking, and it’s useful for pressing panini and weighing down sandwiches.

For the Kitchen Gadget Dad: The Searzall

Photo credit: Kickstarter

Did Dad geek out over the Searzall, a blowtorch that doesn’t leave foods tasting scorched, when he read about it late last year? Well, you can pre-order the gadget for $75 for July delivery here. (It doesn’t come with the required 16.4-ounce camping tank of propane or a torch head, but you can order them elsewhere online.) Crème brûlée will never be the same again.