Let's Master Deviled Eggs

Yahoo FoodApril 14, 2014

Why deviled eggs? We’ve got five reasons why Southern cooks worth their salt should rock this classic Southern appetizer.

No. 1: They’re ours. No, we didn’t invent them (thank you, circa-6,000 BC Romans); we just perfected them.

No. 2: Every self-respecting host needs a go-to recipe for deviled eggs in his or her quiver. Likewise, every guest who brings a platter to the party will guarantee herself a return invitation.

No. 3: Good stuffed eggs are built on good technique. For the best hard-cooked eggs, simmer them 10 minutes, cool slightly under tap water, and then get cracking.

No. 4: You can’t gossip with authority at the neighborhood potluck about Suzy Jane Smoot’s controversial additions of pickle relish, sugar, and bacon fat until you make your own.

No. 5: Appetizer trends ebb and flow, but deviled eggs are like good manners: They never go out of style.

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Top Tips: 

The Whites
Don’t overcook the eggs. The whites should still have a little wiggle to them. 

The Filling
Grate Yolks on a box grater (figure 1, below) for the creamiest results.

The Nest
For a less traditional look than this, halve eggs crosswise so they stand up tall. 

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