Edible Chocolate Legos Will Make Your Inner Child Go Nuts

Rachel Tepper Paley

All photos credit: Akihiro Mizuuchi

Sure, you’ve seen chocolate-in-art-form before, but nothing hits that nostalgia button quite like these Lego-inspired chocolates from Japanese artist Akhiro Mizuuchi.

Mizuuchi makes the edible “Legos” by pouring molten chocolate into intricate molds that, when cooled, the Legophile can pop out and assemble, just like their plastic inspirations! The sweets come in four flavors: Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and strawberry chocolate.

Sadly for people everywhere with a childlike sense of whimsy (and, hello, actual kids), these babies aren’t for sale. But they totally should be.

Seriously, Lego. Get on this!

[Via This is Colossal]