Dogs in Pubs Site Is So Adorable You'll Melt into Mush

Rachel Tepper Paley
February 12, 2014

We love pubs. We love dogs. It follows that we’re tickled pink by the site Dogs in Pubs, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Even though most bars in the United States aren’t keen on letting canines indoors—the Food and Drug Administration prohibits animals in any establishment that serves food or drink due to contamination fears—the Twitter bio for Dogs in Pubs calls it a “great British tradition.” Dogs’ pub-going rights have witnessed some recent crackdowns stateside, so we are very, very jealous of the Brits.

Unless you’re headed to England some time soon, we suggest checking out Dogs in Pubs for your fix of seriously adorable pups chilling out next to ice-cold pints of lager. 

Here are some of our faves. C’mon, FDA. How do you say “no” to those faces?!

All photos: Dogs in Pub