Discounted Nonstop Airfares to Paris, Plus New York to Milan for Just $742!

Yahoo TravelJuly 31, 2014

(Photo: Swire/Flickr)

The deal: Discounts on non-stop, round-trip flights to Paris and other European cities on Air France and its partner airlines.

When you’ll go: Anytime from August 24 to October 15 – trips must be at least 10 days.

Why we love it: The words “Europe” and “budget trip” rarely go together, but these flights at least take you in that direction with deals to Paris and other top European cities such as Barcelona, Stockholm, and Rome. For instance, the San Francisco-Paris round-trip fare of $1,404 – taxes included – will save you at least $100 off comparable flights. We especially like the New York-to-Milan round trip for $742 – that could save you $300 easily. Plus, these are all non-stop flights, and who doesn’t like that?

Discounted trips you can book:

Boston to Paris: $1,195

New York to Paris: $1,125

Chicago to Paris: $1,188

Boston to Stockholm: $811

Chicago to Budapest: $980

Los Angeles to Prague: $1,179

San Francisco to Nice: $1,406

How long does this last? August 7 (subject to availability)

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