Curious Furry Creature Photobombs Time-Lapse Video at Glacier National Park

Brittany Jones-Cooper
Editor, Yahoo Travel
August 18, 2014

Greenpeace USA had an amazing idea. They would set up a camera at Glacier National Park to capture images of the beautiful terrain. The result would be an amazing time-lapse video showing why interference from government agencies can be detrimental to Mother Nature’s wonder. As it turns out, one of Mother Nature’s creatures had a different idea. 

A curious marmot, spotted the GoPro and proceeded to give it a full once-over. The cuddly animal sniffed around the camera, and licked the lens before eventually knocking it to the ground—thus ruining the time-lapse spectacle. 

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So yes, the marmot ruined this beautiful video, but boy did he look cute doing it. 

On a serious note, global warming is shrinking the marmot habitat. Here’s how you can help protect his home. 

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