Wearable luggage cuts baggage fees (and your style cred)

Kelly O'Mara

No one likes to pay extra baggage fees, and there's only so much a person can shove into their carry-on — and that doesn't even do any good on the airlines that are now charging for carry-on bags. But, instead of complaining, one Dutch engineer has invented a bag that turns into a coat, allowing you to slip some extra supplies by the airline.

The Jaktogo was created by John Powers after he got sick of being nickel-and-dimed while flying around Europe weekly for business. He realized something: No one ever asks passengers to pay for or weigh the clothes on their backs. Why not just cram things into those pockets. And, the Jaktogo was born.

It's a jacket — and a bag.

The bulky coat has 14 pockets (including one for your laptop), which can carry up to 33 lbs. or 15 kg. of carry-on items.
Pack it like a regular bag and then, when the airline attendant challenges you for carrying too many bags onto the plane, simply turn it into a coat and wear it on board. But, count on at least a little confusion. In the video demonstrating how the Jaktogo works, Powers argues with an airline attendant, who demands that he proves the bag is really a coat.

There's also a dress and poncho version, which have 10 pockets, for the more fashion-inclined or those who live in warmer weather. After all, you wouldn't want to look stupid wearing a coat in the middle of summer. All three also come in denim and leather versions.

The company acknowledges, there's nothing flattering about wearing an extra 33 lbs. around your waist. Fortunately, they say, you only have to wear it twice— at check-in and when you board the plane. After that, turn it back into a bag and strap it to your luggage.

The Jaktogo costs $109.99, plus about $10 shipping to the U.S. from Europe. So, you'll have to use it more than a couple times to make your money back.

Powers says he wears the Jaktogo himself regularly and, while he may get some weird looks at first, often sells plenty to other passengers by the end of the flight.

As the slogan on the Jaktogo website says: "Only fools pay for extra luggage."

After all, you'll look far less foolish with clothes, books, and electronic stuffed into your clothes.