Wanted: polar bear spotter in the Arctic

Claudine Zap
polar bear
(Photo: Keith Levit Photography / Thinkstock)

Here's a cool job opportunity -- literally. The governor's office of the Norwegian Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Ocean is searching for a polar bear spotter.

The job is for three weeks on a remote island, keeping an eye out for polar bears, Time magazine reports.

The lookout post requires keen eyesight, outdoor experience, and a loud voice (for chasing away the unwelcome visitors).

Also helpful: not caring that the Arctic idea of summer weather is a temperate 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

The successful applicant will be tasked with standing guard and alerting research teams of any approaching polar bears. This is no small thing on an island where the polar bear population stands at 3,000. The island is home to only 2,400 humans -- well, 2,401, once the spotter arrives.

That's not the only far-out position being offered this summer. On the other end of the weather spectrum, one lucky applicant out of 2,000 hopefuls snagged a job as a water slide tester.

For six months, this intrepid soul will test water slides at resorts around the world.

For those who didn't make the cut for that job, maybe working with polar bears on a Norwegian island is calling your name?