How to take an unplugged vacation

Ereka Vetrini
Tour & Explore
How to take an unplugged vacation

Can watching a simple sunrise be a transforming experience? Yes indeed, say those who advocate "braincations" that temporarily shut off all the technology gadgets in our lives and reconnect us with nature -- and ourselves.

For this episode of Tour & Explore, we spoke with two guests who know the subject well: wellness tour specialist Linden Schaffer and psychologist Michael Fraser. Schaffer provides retreats (she's the founder/director of to natural settings such as Bali, where groups of people can truly get out of their everyday environments and habits. Healthy eating and even no-talking periods are part of the experience.

How do you prepare for a vacation like this when your life revolves around staying connected? Fraser offers his tips, including letting your colleagues or friends know in advance that you'll be off the grid for a while (you can find Fraser at

Is it realistic for us to keep a balance between ever-advancing technology and our analog lives? Our guests are hopeful but stress that it takes work. Check out the interview, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!