Sept. 24, 1957: last Dodgers game at Ebbets Field

Kelly O'Mara

In 1957, Brooklyn Dodgers played their last game at the famous Ebbets Field — which had been a popular destination for baseball fans and visitors to New York City — in front of just 6,700 fans. Today, the Brooklyn ballpark's legacy can be seen throughout New York (and on kitschy souvenirs). The new Citi Field, the ballpark for the New York Mets in Queens, features replicas of Ebbets exterior façade and entryway.

The original Ebbets stadium opened in 1913 and was home to early NFL teams as well as to the Dodgers. But only 35,000 people could ever fit into it, and expansion was impossible because of its crowded neighborhood location. Political infighting prevented an agreement on a new, larger stadium in Brooklyn: The city building commissioner wanted the next stadium built in Queens, prompting Dodgers owner Walter O’Malley’s reply: "We are the Brooklyn Dodgers, not the Queens Dodgers!"

After its last game in New York, the team moved to Los Angeles to become the L.A. Dodgers. In 2008, they set the record for fans in attendance (115,300) during a charity exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (where the Dodgers also played while their stadium was being built after the move from Brooklyn).

The historic Ebbets Field was torn down in 1960 and apartment buildings — originally called Ebbets Field Apartments but later renamed Jackie Robinson Apartments — were built in its place.