Royal Princess cruise ship getting royal christening

Mike Krumboltz

Yes, the cruise industry has taken a few black eyes of late. But Princess hopes that its newly built 1,082-foot long luxury ship will help people forget about the bad times that plagued rival Carnival.

The Royal Princess is set to be christened by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, on Thursday. Following that ceremony, the ship will make its maiden voyage from Southampton to Barcelona (with a few stops along the way).

The ship wasn't named for the duchess, but it appears suitable for royalty. Among the many amenities: 10 restaurants, a casino, and 1,780 staterooms. The ship weighs a staggering 141,000 tons and can accommodate up to 3,600 passengers.

How does that compare with the most famous passenger ship of all time? The ill-fated Titanic weighed a relatively petite 52,310 tons and stretched 883 feet in length, according to Titanic Facts. It had 840 staterooms, less than half the number on the Princess.

Following the ship's maiden voyage, the Princess will embark on a voyage around the Mediterranean Sea. After that, it will travel across the Atlantic to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.