Plan a Family-Friendly Cultural Experience at Epcot

Yahoo! Contributor
Walt Disney World Resort

No trip to Walt Disney World would be complete without a visit to Epcot, the park that Walt Disney imagined as the most cutting edge of all his ideas. He didn't live to see it open back in 1982, but his vision definitely lived on. As the plaque that welcomes visitors says, "Here, human achievements are celebrated through imagination, the wonders of enterprise and concepts of a future that promises new and exciting benefits for all."

Begin your day in Future World on Spaceship Earth by taking the 16-minute ride through space and time, immersing your family in the history of the world, and discover man's place in history. Afterward, visit Project Tomorrow nearby, an interactive area that gives everyone a hands-on experience with the latest technologies in modern sciences.

Then check out Mission: SPACE, where first you'll learn all about going into space as an astronaut, then later will get to man your own interactive flight to Mars. You can even experience what 2.4G force feels like; don't forget to dodge the meteors!

Everyone will learn more about protecting planet earth at the Circle of Life show, and Ellen's Energy Adventure just might spark a power surge in someone's imagination.

Then it's time to move the family from science to culture, with a trip to the World Showcase. Eleven countries from around the globe are highlighted in separate pavilions at Epcot, so choose a destination and jump on in. Each area boasts buildings, landscapes, art and design from the showcased country, as well as chances to dine on authentic cuisine and even a few mythical creatures as well (watch for trolls in the Norway Pavilion)!

Visit ancient Aztec pyramids in Mexico, wander through a Japanese pagoda, be whisked away on a Moroccan adventure or stroll through a mini-Paris at the French Pavilion. Every country's heritage and uniqueness is lovingly reproduced here, sure to spark the wanderlust in both children and adults. It will perhaps engender an appreciation for other cultures and traditions as well.

Finish your day at Epcot with IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, the nightly laser/fireworks/water show that explodes over the World Showcase Lagoon. It's a spectacular finish to a fascinating day filled with science, culture and plenty of excitement to spark everyone's imagination.