Layovers extraordinary

Ereka Vetrini
Tour & ExploreJune 24, 2013

The “delayed” status on an airport departure screen is one of a traveler’s least favorite sights. Thirty minutes can become an hour, which can become five hours. How do you make the most of such a stressful situation?

In today’s episode of Tour & Explore, we speak with travel concierge Joanna Stark to get her layover survival guide. She gives some helpful – and even fun! – tips with the airport waiting game.

A shorter layover allows time to enjoy airport amenities, which have improved in recent years. For instance, in San Francisco’s airport, a leader in flight delays, you can retreat to a yoga studio. Other airports have massages available in the terminal.

And if you have to wait five hours, why wait in the airport? Stark suggests enjoying the local sights, such as Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles or Graceland in Memphis. Also, if you’re caught in a long layover between flights, you might consider taking advantage of an airport club for a refreshing shower, as Starks did.

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Watch the video above for our full interview with Starks, and prepare yourself for better layovers ahead.