Jumping out of a fog: Flickr photo of the day

Christy Karras

If you’re not sure at first glance what this is, you’re probably not the only one. But we’ll be seeing more of this sort of object soon, when the Sochi Olympics get underway. It’s a ski jump — you know, the thing those crazy people with skis attached use to gain a bunch of speed and launch themselves sailing, facedown, into the air.

This one is at the Holmenkollen Olympic Ski Arena on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway. A longtime winter recreation area, it’s hosted countless ski and ski-jumping competitions, most notably the 1952 Winter Olympics. It's is best known these days for the annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival.

Photographer Mats Anda writes, in his description of this photo, “The fog was blowing around and I just waited 10 mins for it to clear in the lower part.” Other Flickr users have noted the symmetry, the delicate play of light on the surfaces and the way the structure seems to disappear into the clouds.