Holi Day: Flickr photo of the day

Michael Clemmer
CompassMarch 28, 2014

Everybody likes spring. Flowers bloom, trees blossom; there’s Spring Break and… Holi, the ancient Hindu festival where celebrants throw colored dye and water at each other.

I know you’re itching for the backstory, and this one begins with Krishna. Baby Krishna’s skin was blue because a she-demon named Putana poisoned him with her breast milk. (That’s another story.) As he grew older, young Krishna despaired that girls, especially the beautiful Radha, would find him, um…unattractive. Krishna’s mother (who should have nursed him herself) told him to go to Radha and color her face any color he wished. Radha thought that was cool, so she and Krishna became a couple.

Holi Bonus: Along with painting everybody colors, it is the festival day of ridding oneself of past errors, ending conflicts and forgiving debts.

Harjeet Singh Narang photographed Holi in Barsana, India, birthplace of Radha.

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