The gadgetwise traveler

Ereka Vetrini
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The gadgetwise traveler

Once we had to pack our travel bag with a camera, foreign phrase book, maps and a lot more. Nowadays, whether your travel for business or pleasure, smartphones are lightening that load with a wide array of digital tools.

For this episode of Tour & Explore, we talk about these tools with Joanna Stern, technology editor at ABC News. Here are some of her favorites:

Waze: A great tool if you need to get someplace quickly, this map app has a social element. Users offers real-time updates on what's happening on the road, including traffic congestion.

iTranslate: You don't need to fumble through a language guide anymore. This app will repeat whatever you want to say in the language of your choosing.

Tripit: This app simplifies your itinerary-building. Just forward all travel confirmations to a single email address, and Tripit automatically adds them to a single itinerary.

Apps like these require a lot of battery power throughout the day, but if you equip your phone with a batter pack, as Stern suggests, you can stay charged.

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And if you've heard of Google Glass but aren't yet sure of what it does, wait near the of this video for a demonstration.