Flickr photo of the day: A sign of our times

Michael Clemmer

The problem with hand gestures is that people of different cultures can misinterpret them. This man apparently isn’t making the sign of the University of Texas Longhorns, because we can’t see his palm. Had he also hidden his index finger and stuck out his thumb he might have been saying, “Have a nice day,” or “Hang loose” had he been in Hawaii. However, photographer Dirk Steingäber informs us that this photo was taken in New York City. Hummm.

Hand signs can be dicey in the Big Apple. In Spain and Italy his is the sign of the cuckold (look it up). In South America he could be saying, “Knock on wood” for good luck, as is the custom. However, he could be expressing his allegiance to heavy metal music culture. It’s New York … could be all three.

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