Flickr photo of the day: Like old times in Greece

Michael Clemmer

Tourism is coming back to Greece. The government has taken necessary steps, some quite unpopular with citizens, to get the economy back on its feet (with a big “Ευχαριστώ/efharistó - Thank you!” to Germany). There are no longer fears that Greece will leave the European Union, discounts as much as 20 percent are offered at hotels in major cities as well as on the beautiful Greek islands, and tourists who yearn to see a Grecian urn are hearing the Siren call grow louder.

Although sharply diminished, strikes such as those taken by air traffic controllers and ferry boats operators can be watched out for by visiting the website Flights coming from the U.S. are up double digits from last year and there has been a 20 percent rise in hotel reservations since last summer.

Tourists at the Acropolis, photographed by Sal Celis.

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