Flickr photo of the day: Lord of the Earthquakes

Michael Clemmer

Ideally, a “travel photo” informs us about the features and customs of distant cultures. A good travel photo isn’t about what camera was used to capture it; nor is it about the photographer’s uses of computer programs to “process” the image. The latter may have a place in art galleries and photography magazines; they are more about the photographer than the subject.

Good travel photos ask questions and tell stories, as with this one, taken by Argentine photographer JMartinC. These men are taking part in the ancient Easter tradition of carrying El Señor de los Temblores (The Lord of The Earthquakes) in Cusco, Peru.

When King Phillip II of Spain heard that the Incas worshiped the sun and carried mummies through their city on heavy gold-and-silver alters, he ordered a crucifix of Christ sent to them. Years of missionary work eventually changed the custom, but along the way, Christ’s name was changed to suit the people’s biggest fear.

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