Flickr photo of the day: Colors of Burano

Michael Clemmer

They’ve come a long way from building their homes on palafittes (stilts), weaving walls from cane and coating them with mud, but the residents of Burano (Venice, Italy) still know how to make their homes unique. The official website of Burano says it all began around the time of the barbarian invasions circa 400 A.D.

First came the Huns, followed by the Visigoths, Vandals and the Lombards. As the residents of Altino fled to the islands of the Lugana Veneta, they started towns that became Venice and the island cities of Murano and Burano.

Famous for beautiful lace and embroidery, Burano, with its colorful houses, is also a magnet for artists and photographers eager to capture the brightly colored buildings.

Photograph by Brian Hammonds.

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