Flickr photo of the day: Cape of good hope

Michael Clemmer

First it was called The Cape of Storms. In 1488 Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias sailed down the west coast of Africa looking for a passage to India. After rounding the southernmost tip of the African continent, his expedition sailed on to the point where the coastline turned north. After eight months at sea they needed help, divine help. They went ashore, erected a large stone cross and prayed.

Dias wanted to continue on to India, but his crew was having nothing to do with it; apparently their prayers were different from his. Sailing westward and homeward, the ships had to fight their way around a stormy cape, which Dias named Cabo das Tormentas or Cape of Storms. Subsequent expeditions found safety and fresh water there, so the name was changed to Cabo da Boa Esperance, Cape of Good Hope.

P VanSchalkwyk captured this sunrise over the Cape Town suburb of Muizenberg by the cape where hopeful explorers once anchored their ships.

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