Flickr photo of the day: Beach busking

Michael Clemmer

Imagine that you are a 13-year-old girl uniquely blessed with the ability to totally focus your attention. You live near Anjuna Beach in Goa, India’s most prosperous state, and you have three older brothers. Tourists come from around the world to loll on the sand by the Arabian Sea and you will walk a tightrope for them while balancing a stack of pots on your head.

Your brothers set up the rope between four strong bamboo poles, yank it tight and hand you assorted pots, pans and a bicycle rim to walk on as you cross the 25 feet of rope stretched six feet above the sand. You perform flawlessly and climb down, and while your brothers take down the poles and coil the rope, you pick up a large platter and go ask the tourists, who’ve been watching you for donations. Ten minutes, start to finish, and photographed by Phil Radbourne.

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