Flickr photo of the day: Bamboozled

Michael Clemmer

The centuries-old Sagano Bamboo forest near Kyoto, Japan, is a remarkable place to be when the wind blows. The sound of the plants, some over 100 feet tall, clattering against one another, and the breeze rustling their leaves, has been voted as one of a hundred “must-be-preserved” sounds of Japan (read the complete list here). Much has been written about this remarkable sound, but it is apparently difficult to record. Search “sound of wind in Sagano Bamboo Forest” and you will most likely be disappointed.

Japanese culture is steeped in bamboo (which is a grass, not a tree). Flexible, yet stronger than wood, bamboo has been used for building earthquake-proof homes, making chopsticks, and a thousand things in between.

Photographed by Marser.

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