New Fantasyland Improvements Guests Will Love

Yahoo! Contributor
Walt Disney World Resort

The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is undergoing an impressive makeover and Fantasyland has already started to transform with enhancements and renovations to popular attractions. Fantasyland will double in size after all phases of the Walt Disney World expansion are complete and the changes mean more opportunities to find your favorite Disney character, and fun new areas to explore. The transformation has already begun with the expansion of the ever-popular "Dumbo, the Flying Elephant" attraction where guests can see two colorful Dumbos spinning across the sky above the new Storybook Circus.

Here's a closer look at new Fantasyland improvements guests are sure to love:

Exciting Developments in Storybook Circus

Disney fans of all ages can begin their journey through Fantasyland with a visit to Storybook Circus. This is the place to watch live entertainment and classic circus acts inside the colorful big-top circus tents and catch your favorite Disney characters in action. The classic "Dumbo, the Flying Elephant" ride has been enhanced with two Dumbos and is now twice its original size.

"The Barnstormer" ride takes you on a whimsical roller coaster experience above the grounds of Storybook Circus and you can catch The Great Goofini doing spiraling stunts in a plane inspired by classic air shows.

The "Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station" is the perfect place for younger guests to cool off and play in a circus-themed water play area.

When it's complete, Storybook Circus will be filled with even more multicolored circus tents so it will look just like the circus from the key scenes in the movie "Dumbo."

Fantasyland Station

Fantasyland Station is the newest addition to the Walt Disney World Railroad circuit so you'll have the chance to see all of the new sites and attractions from a fresh perspective. Hop aboard one of four steam-powered engines for a 20-minute scenic tour of the Magic Kingdom theme park, and head off to Fantasyland from the newly-built Fantasyland Station.

Updates to "Be Our Guest Restaurant"

The "Be Our Guest Restaurant" inspired by "Beauty & The Beast" is now coming together with the addition of beautiful chandeliers designed just like the lighting fixtures from the movie. The restaurant's interior is designed with high ceilings and themed spaces, as well as the giant flickering candelabras and glowing chandeliers from the ballroom that Belle and the Beast danced under.

Fantasyland Forest

Disney princesses will be walking around the Fantasyland Forest, a dense forest area inspired by the Disney movies "Beauty & The Beast" and "The Little Mermaid." You'll discover a small village, castles, waterfalls, and even some interactive attractions as you make your way through the lush foliage. This phase of the expansion is scheduled to open in late 2012.