Daily Destination: Cambridge, England

Christy Karras

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — colloquially called William and Kate — didn’t announce their baby’s gender or any name preferences beforehand. One thing we know for sure: The baby’s title will involve Cambridge.

When they married, the royal couple became the duke and duchess of this ancient college town, and the baby will be His or Her Royal Highness, Princess or Prince (insert baby name here) of Cambridge. Kate, William and their baby could hardly ask for a better realm. Cambridge University, famous for the sciences (it counts Sir Isaac Newton among its graduates and has had more Nobel laureates than any other UK institution) is set around the River Cam, which winds through gently rolling terrain with a rural feel.

Summer is the best time to visit the university’s old stone buildings, since tourists aren’t allowed in many areas during the school year. Bonus: you can stay in a college dorm room for a true taste of student life. While you’re there, go punting on the Cam past the college “backs,” past landmarks like King's College Chapel (shown above) and between manicured gardens. If you hit a rainy day (rare in summer, but it happens) stop in at the Fitzwilliam Museum for a look at one of Britain’s best art collections. The multi-hued marble entrance hall alone is worth the visit.

To pack the most into a day, consider joining a small group tour organized through the Cambridge visitor center. And hey, if you get really lucky, you might glimpse a member of the royal family.