China’s doughnut-shaped hotel opens soon

Claudine Zap

china doughnut hotel
china doughnut hotel

It's a hotel Homer Simpson could love.

China's Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort's deliciously shaped oval design looks like a giant doughnut. The building, dubbed the "horseshoe hotel," opens next month in the town by the same name, Huzhou.

Architect Ma Yansong's design is actually a complete oval, Australia's reports, with two of the floors underground connecting it to complete the doughnut shape. The luxe 27-story spa and resort lies on Taihu Lake between Nanjing and Shanghai.

The photo shows a building that looks to be an almost mirage-like image of the beloved breakfast treat lit up on the water's edge. Perhaps the hotel will jump on the cronut craze and serve those up as well?

According to the hotel's website, the posh spot offers 321 spacious guest rooms, including 44 suites and 39 villas, all with private balconies.

The luxury doesn't end there. The hotel lobby's floor is paved with "Afghanistan White Jade, and features Tiger's Eye Stone from Brazil, while the porticos and the entire ceiling are laid with Citrine, a jade that symbolizes wealth," the U.K.'s Telegraph reports.

Additionally, the lobby ceiling is decorated with 20,000 Swarovski and natural crystal lamps arranged to resemble a rolling wave, and the hotel features a spa with indoor and outdoor pools.

This is not the first attention-getting retreat in China. We recently reported on the Suitcase House Hotel near the Great Wall, which features a simpler style: Rooms stay hidden underfoot until they're needed.