Best Places to Meet Disney Characters at Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World Resort

Who did my children meet and where did they meet them on our first trip to Disney? Don't miss your favorite Disney characters face to face on your trip to Walt Disney World.

It's the place where dreams come true. My children loved their first trip to Walt Disney World this past fall. Though the rides, shopping, parades, and décor all made their jaws drop, their favorite Disney characters were the icing on the cake. Who did they meet and where did they meet them? Don't miss meeting your favorite characters face-to-face on your trip to Walt Disney World.

Epcot: Character Meet and Greet

Epcot's Character Meet and Greet was a wonderful way for the entire family to meet the old-school Disney favorites. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto were all present on the day we visited Epcot, and the lines weren't too long, either. Instead of running into characters here and there throughout the park, the meet and greet allows you to meet and get pictures taken with several characters in fairly quick succession. As an added bonus, the event takes place inside, so it can help break up a warm day or walk around the park.

Magic Kingdom: Adventureland Veranda

We found more characters walking around Magic Kingdom than any other park during our trip to Walt Disney World. The park map and schedule you'll receive at admission will give details about the times and places you can meet your favorite characters throughout the day. My family had the most success with meeting characters at the Adventureland Veranda at the Magic Kingdom. If your children are interested in Tinker Bell and her friends, make sure to stop by the veranda to meet the Disney fairies. Like the meet and greet event at Epcot, the event is indoors. In addition, you'll also find additional popular characters like Tarzan and Jane strolling around in Adventureland.

Hollywood Studios: Set of Phineas & Ferb's Movie

You won't want to miss meeting Phineas and Ferb while you're at Hollywood Studios. The characters have finally made it and host their own meet and greet near the city street backdrop and close to where "Cars" star Lighting McQueen meets his own fans. You may even get caught on film by the director of their next movie while you're waiting in line. Get a break from the hot Florida sun inside while you get autographs and hugs from the Phineas and Ferb!

Animal Kingdom: Camp Minnie & Mickey Greeting Trails

You don't have to spend the day indoors or with the crowds in order to see some of your favorite Disney characters. If you're at Animal Kingdom, meeting Rafiki, Minnie, and Pocahontas can be part of your outdoor experience on the Camp Minnie & Mickey Greeting Trails. While you'll meet characters here and there throughout the park, you're guaranteed to run into some along the trail of your choice (rather than waiting in line for everyone at once like you will at some meet and greets). The outdoor backdrop will provide a nice change of pace and allow you and the kids to take in the natural feel of the park as a whole.

Don't miss your favorite Disney characters on your next trip to Walt Disney World.