5 perfect gifts for food travelers

Jenny Adams
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From a super-cheap way to capture a meal on a Smartphone to an extravagant bar that gives a whole new meaning to the term "One for the Road" — these will put a smile on the face of the food traveler in your life.

The Foodie SnapPak from Hipstamatic

There's a feast of choices out there in terms of fun ways to capture food moments on an iPhone, but nothing comes close to Hipstamatic. This App actually lets you create extremely customizable images by mixing a range of fun lenses with different films and flashes. The outcomes are endless, from stark black-and-white shots to low aperture, blown-out dreamscapes. The Foodie Pack comes with the Loftus lens, the DC film and the flash is called Tasty Pop — a combination that the merry geniuses behind Hipstamatic deem best when shooting anything edible.
Cost: $0.99

The Great American Woody Caravan Bar
According to the Mayans, the fat lady is singing this year and we are all doomed. Might as well go big, right? Nothing says, "Hey man, I'm glad we are friends. Let's have a drink," quite like buying someone a custom mobile bar caravan. It's awesome (in a totally absurd sort of way). Your caravan comes decked with sleek, stylish wood, an incredible sound system and — thanks to this year's sponsorship by Bulleit Bourbon — one free year of whiskey. The best part is, you can sip in ridiculous, roadside luxury while also maintaining your philanthropic reputation. Ten percent of the proceeds go to charity.
Cost: $150,000

Wine Skins
Thanks to the terrorists, you can't carry your favorite brand of bourbon on board. When you depart Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can also enjoy six hours of fretting over those two bottles of Bordeaux in your bag. And nothing sours a fun trip to Mexico like landing at baggage claim to find your suitcase oozing tequila. Wine Skins are a simple, effective solution — and a great gift idea — for those who like to bring booze back home.
Cost: 3-pack for $9.99

"To Have and Have Another: A Hemingway Cocktail Companion"
If you have someone in your life who loves Ernest Hemingway and/or a good stiff cocktail, this is a must-purchase present. Filled with anecdotes, cocktail recipes, excerpts and the witticisms of author and cocktail enthusiast Philip Greene, it's a fantastic look into one of the world's best authors … and his illustrious love affair with bars and booze.
Cost: $24


Butchery Classes
Taking the whole "sustainable, know-where-your-food-comes-from" trend to an entirely new level, in large cities around America, you can gift the art of butchery. Classes range from ripping the feathers off a holiday turkey to actually shooting and carving an entire pig. For some, it's a horrific idea, but for serious foodies, it's a chance to connect with a meal like never before. Check out The Brooklyn Kitchen if you are in New York. They offer pig butchering classes several times a year.
Cost: $85 for a demonstration