Boozy Ice Cream Floats, Because It's Monday

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor
April 14, 2014

Photo credit: StockFood, Judd Pilosoff

In many parts of the country, it is officially iced coffee weather. You know what that means? It’s also ice cream season.

Aka, time to freak out.

Now you can walk down the street with a cone, a cup, a milkshake, or—if you’re a particularly nimble human—a banana split sundae. La-di-da, you have portable ice cream. Life is good.

Or if you’re home, reeling from taxes, really feeling the oomph of this particular Monday, you can make yourself a boozy ice cream float, using bourbon, soda pop, and high-quality vanilla ice cream. Because that’s just how you roll. 

The inspiration for this combo struck on one of those do-I-want-a-cocktail-or-a-sundae nights…when the answer was, simply, “YES.” 

Root beer, vanilla and bourbon are made for one another. And if you already like bourbon and gingers, you’re halfway to bourbon ginger soda float heaven. (Try a spicier ginger ale, such as Blenheim, to cut the sweetness of the ice cream.)

If serving these to guests, find some pretty striped straws to pop in them. Just don’t expect your guests to want to leave until they see all the ingredients have been consumed. This is the sort of treat that unleashes everyone’s greedy inner three-year-old. In a good way.

Boozy Ice Cream Float
Makes 1

2 oz bourbon
8 oz vanilla ice cream
8 oz gingerale or root beer soda

1. Pour bourbon into bottom of pint or ice cream soda glass. Add scoops of vanilla ice cream. Stir gently with long spoon. Top with soda. Serve.