Bike-Friendly Beer Growlers, For the Picnicking Lifestyle

Rachel Tepper Paley
March 24, 2014

All photos credit: Meriwether of Montana

Cyclists who have long bemoaned their growler-less picnicking lifestyles, rejoice! Here’s the chic accessory you didn’t realize you needed. Ideal for early spring al fresco picnics, it is a leather growler carrier for transporting beer, which snugly attaches underneath your bicycle seat. 

Sure, it straddles that iffy line between cute and a-little-too-cute (as does this slightly impractical wine carrier). And yes, at $95, it costs a bit too much.

We know these things. We accept them. This carrier is still very, very cute! And growlers are heavy—this guy could actually make your life a lot easier. Also, more stylish, for sure.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]