Dad Cooks with Baby, Multitasking Never Looked So Sweet

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
June 11, 2014

Annnnnnnd swoon. Not only does the first image below make our tummies and hearts and all other feelings scramble inside of our bodies with “squee!” but it also proves that multitasking can look great. 

The dad: Matt Robinson. His wife, Naomi Robinson of Bakers Royale, took the picture. (“If I had known she was posting it, I would have put on a different shirt!” he told us.) 

Robinson’s own blog, Real Food by Dad, will be two months old tomorrow. His third son, Connor, was 15 days in the picture. So there’s a lot of newness in Robinson’s world. 

“Most men are afraid to be in the kitchen—and I always have been, too, actually,” says Robinson. “But I’m getting more confident.” His goal: to make quick, everyday meals that everyone in his family—and families who follow his blog—will enjoy.

His recipes are easy enough that he can get his sons—well, at least his two other, older-than-15-day sons—involved. “As boys who will grow into men, I don’t want them leaving the house and buying frozen foods, so it’s really deliberate on my part.”

“I want them to leave the home with the confidence to cook and make good choices and impress the person they want to be with,” says Robinson. “I’m far from a perfect dad, but being a dad is the greatest pleasure of my life.” 

As for what he wants his boys to make for him on Father’s Day? “I can live on bacon and eggs. I really can.” So bacon, well-seasoned scrambled eggs, and a toasted English muffin. “They could do all that without burning the house down.”

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“Now that we have this one, it all seems so new again,” says Robinson of fatherhood. “It’s been seven years for us. But things like getting the milk out of the little wrinkle in his neck—I love it."

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“Our palates run totally counter to each other: I’m pretty plain and picky; my wife is not,” says Robinson. “My boys are more like me, unfortunately.” (Pictured: Chorizo Breakfast Bake)

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A great recipe for kids is Robinson’s pudding pops. “They can mix in their own bits of whatever cookies or other add-ins they want.” (Pictured: Butterfinger Pudding Pops; all photos by Matt Robinson)