Angry Birds Photobomb Couple’s Wedding

Sabrina Rojas Weiss
A couple had some unexpected wedding guests in the form of cranky birds who repeatedly swooped down on them during their wedding photo shoot. (Photo: Getty Images)

We’ve seen how celebrities and adorable shelter puppies can really add a special something to wedding photos. How about a pair of birds speeding toward the bride and groom with an evil death glare? It sure adds … drama.

Phillip and Sara Maria were posing on a picturesque bridge during their wedding in New South Wales, Australia, on Saturday, when a pair of magpies decided they were not fans of human romance. Photographer Karen Parr told the BBC that the whole wedding party had driven half an hour away from the ceremony for the photo shoot, so they decided not to cede to the territorial birds.

“I think we probably got swooped about 20 times,” Parr said. “It was quite scary at the time. We were cursing the birds.”

While Parr said the attacks made her scream a couple of times, the bride and groom “just rolled with it.”

“From the moment we got there, the magpie kept us in his sights and we were continually getting swooped for two hours whilst we got our photos done,” Sara Maria told the Armidale Express. “By the end, our best man and maid of honor got given the job of magpie-spotting.”

Magpies are apparently a prevalent danger in Australia in the spring. The birds attack when they have chicks in a nearby nest. They can be particularly vicious and have even been known to attack children. The website, which tracks and maps attacks via social media, reports 5,803 attacks and 903 injuries in 2016. They’re a protected species in Australia.

While those birds may be the most relentless, they’re certainly not the only examples of entertaining wedding photobombers. Have a laugh at this meerkat cameo at the Edinburgh Zoo, admire the oozing lava in this volcanic wedding shoot, and just try not to squirm when you witness the approaching tornado behind these newlyweds. Mother Nature doesn’t stop for a wedding, but sometimes she likes to make a guest appearance.

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