Anatomy of a Mashup: Banana Bread Tiramisu

Rachel Tepper Paley
June 6, 2014

Photo/illustration credit: Julia Bainbridge/Jennifer Fox

Dominique Ansel, the mashup-crazed pastry wunderkind who brought us the Cronut, waffogato, and cookie shot, is at it again. His latest dessert hybrid: banana bread tiramisu.

According to a picture posted to Ansel’s Instagram account, the treat is a sweet stack of “rum-caramelized bananas, tres leches soaked banana bread, toasted pecans, and mascarpone cream.” Oh, and the whole thing is encased in a super-thin chocolate shell.

Yes, it’s just as delicious as it sounds.

"I thought this was some of the best banana bread I’ve ever had," said one editor, post-snack. Though it perhaps "isn’t as over-the-top inventive" as other creations, she loved the dessert’s "unassuming homespun quality."

"The thing about this is that each element is produced perfectly," cooed another editor. "And SOMEHOW none of the elements overpower the others…that’s a feat of pastry-making—and, in this case, of architecture."

Another editor admired the dish’s “really restrained banana flavor,” “lovely creamy top” and “nice contrast of textures.” The icing (or in this case, cream) on the cake? “I liked that the chocolate shell looked like a wrapper but was secretly edible,” she said.

Starting today, the banana bread tiramisu is available at Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City. Here are some more drool-worthy photos for your viewing pleasure:

Photo credit: Julia Bainbridge

Photo credit: Julia Bainbridge

Photo credit: dominiqueansel/Instagram