America's Top 10 Pizza Restaurants

Yahoo MagazinesMarch 26, 2014

Who doesn’t love pizza? Some prefer it by the pie, others by the slice. Some prefer thin crust, while others order deep dish. Some find toppings an abomination, others go for pepperoni, while a few enjoy exotic toppings like Penn Cove clams with house-made pancetta. No matter how you slice it, pizza is popular. Enjoy’s selection of the Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in the U.S. Then find the best pizza and the best Italian restaurants where you live.

Regina Pizzeria
11 1/2 Thacher St.
Boston, MA 02113

This throwback pizza joint is 88 years old; long live the Queen! Robust house-made sausage makes the white St. Anthony’s a guilty favorite; on the slightly healthier side, the Spinaci e Broccoli is a winner.

Serious Pie
316 Virginia St.
Seattle, WA 98101

This cozy, dark pizzeria from chef/restaurateur Tom Douglas is packed with tall wood tables and filled with a subtle aroma from the wood-fired oven. Choose from sophisticated toppings —- sweet fennel sausage and roasted peppers, or Penn Cove clams with house-made pancetta —- to anoint the slightly burnt, blistered crusts.

Stella Barra Pizzeria
2000 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Try the fresh local burrata before commencing the pizza feast at Stella Barra Pizzeria. The white Bloomsdale Spinach pizza (no tomato) with crispy purple kale, pecorino and black peppercorn is a must.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
1570 Stockton St.
San Francisco, CA 94133

Tony Gemignani, owner of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, is more than a pizzaiolo —- he’s a champion at the craft. His sweet Neapolitan margherita won the gold at the 2007 World Pizza Cup in Naples, Italy.

2 Amys
3715 Macomb St. NW
Washington, DC 20016

Two women, both named Amy, have turned a commonplace neighborhood street into a mecca for top-flight pizza with their small and cheery, white-tiled restaurant. They’ve even gone to the trouble of making several of their pies, those marked with the D.O.C. (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) status, the old-fashioned way. This signifies the pizza maker has followed the traditional Neapolitan method for making pies: the right flour, water, yeast, salt and toppings.


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