Americans Spend $350 on Beer a Year

Rachel Tepper Paley

Photo credit: Rodolfo Benitez/StockFood

Americans like to drink beer. A lot of it. New analysis of 2012 data from FinancesOnline reveals that a United States citizens spends, on average, $350 a year on suds.

To those of you who sounds like a lot, here’s some perspective: To reach that figure, you’d have to buy 52 six-packs of Budweiser bottles priced at $6.79 each. That works out to nearly a six-pack a week, and just under a beer a day.

Not so bad, right? Especially when you consider that one to two beers a day might even improve your bone health.

In contrast, citizens of Australia spend on average $747.90 on beer a year. Assuming that an Australian equivalent of Budweiser is comparable in price, that translates to nearly twice the brews an American drinks in the same time. (And gives whole new meaning to the phrase “Australian for Beer.”)

Of course, brews are cheaper in some parts of the world than in others. For instance, when it comes to countries that spend the most on beer, the Czech Republic doesn’t even crack the top ten. But they drink the most beer of anyone—419 bottles a year per person.

Now that’s a lot of beer.

[via UPI]