America! Survey Says You Still Love Beer Best

Rachel Tepper Paley

Photo credit: Ben Dearnley/StockFood

Surprise, surprise: In keeping with a 20-year-long trend, Americans named beer as their favorite adult beverage in a recent Gallup poll

Here’s the breakdown: 41 percent of drinkers prefer beer, 31 percent wine, and 23 percent liquor. Of course, there’s variance within certain populations—both women and older Americans tend to prefer wine over beer—but the whopping 57 percent of men who prefer a chilled pint of suds was evidently enough to land the drink top honors.

Still, beer, wine, and liquor all have their own merits. Let’s break them down, shall we?

Team BeerIt goes down easy. It’s fun in social situations, like World Cup parties. On average, commercially-produced beers have a relatively low alcohol content of 4.5 percent, so you can drink one and not feel buzzed.

Team Wine: You feel sophisticated and impressive when drinking it. Wine glasses feel good in the hand. You can get your nerd on learning all about wine regions and varieties.

Team Liquor: Sipping whiskey on the rocks feels hardcore. Other people think you’re hardcore. The bartender nods approvingly, because you’re so hardcore (and it’s his favorite drink, too). And if you’re a gal, it’s possible you’re advancing your career by drinking it.