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With properties in several major cities, including Denver, Portland, and Washington D.C., this chain caters to pets of all shapes and sizes. Bring your poodle or your python (yes, python … we checked), and expect a lot of pampering. The hotel supplies essentials, like food and water bowls, but takes it several steps further with maps of pet-friendly parks and restaurants. You can even set up a session with a pet psychic via the concierge. Aware that some of their guests might be allergic to pet dander and such, the hotel reserves entire floors as pet-free, and if you don’t have a pet with you, it will supply one — guests can request a goldfish for the length of their stay.

Good Enough Even for Mariah Carey's Dogs: Pet-Friendly Hotels Your Furry One Will Love

Yahoo TravelAugust 7, 2014

You don’t have to be Mariah Carey to want your pet to have friendly lodgings when you travel. Even if her pets are getting pampered more than most humans. The pop star is reportedly spending $25,000 for her seven dogs to stay at Paw Seasons, a luxury pet hotel near Bristol, England. Each dog will have its own bed and a personal chef (you heard us right). And we don’t even want to know how much more Carey will pay for the mini-doggie-bar.

Many Yahoo readers are taking their four-legged family members with them as well–our site gets heaps of searches for pet-friendly hotels. We rounded up the top search results and sought out what makes each of these properties so dog-gone appealing in terms of pet-friendly travel. Feel free to leave your favorite pet travel stories in the comment box below. We’d all love to read them.