Alton Brown, Grilled Cheese Master Hacker

Rachel Tepper Paley

All hail Alton Brown, king of kitchen hacks and explainer of food science. If you were tickled by Brown’s DIY condiment hack, you’re going to love his trick for making real grilled cheese.

Because—take a deep breath—the grilled cheese you’re making may not be the real deal.

"Whenever and wherever people say they’re gonna make you a grilled cheese sandwich, what they really mean is they’re gonna make you a griddled sandwich containing some melted cheese,” Brown laments in the video. “Well not me, no. When I say, ‘grilled cheese sandwich,’ I mean a grilled sandwich containing grilled cheese.”

True to his word, the grilled cheese sandwich Brown whips up is truly grilled: Even the cheese is “grilled” on modified grill spatulas that have been transformed into shallow trays thanks to a bit of aluminum foil.

The final sandwich is a thing of beauty, grill marks and all, and gets us that much more excited that grilling season is finally here!