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July 27, 2014

"Sunday night at the park with Sammy Bernstein and a Lagunitas Session IPA."

A Dude, His Dog, and Some Craft Brews

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

Joshua M. Bernstein is a “food, travel, spirits and—yum—beer journalist,” as he writes on his Instagram profile, and the author of author of “Brewed Awakening” and “The Complete Beer Course.” Yesterday, he encouraged us to get funky with our beer and oyster pairings, a tip that’s the result of daily beer tastings performed over many years. Tastings that often take place in the park near his home in Brooklyn, New York. With his rescue dog, Sammy.

“I need to maximize the heck out of my day,” he told us, of the dog walking-slash-happy-hour-slash-work-tasting moments he’s captured on Instagram. “Work and pleasure are a weird gumbo these days.”

“There’s a really strong, vibrant beer community on Instagram, but I’m not always a fan of taking a shot of beer without some sort of context,” says Bernstein of his decision to both drink and shoot in the park with Sammy (and sometimes his daughter, Violet). “It’s fun to break it up and make the image more engaging than simply ‘this is a beer on a table.’ Sammy is also excellent at posing. The more time he spends outside, the happier he is.”

Herewith, a year of beer in the park with Josh and Sammy Bernstein.