7 Nights in Peru, with Tour of Machu Picchu, Starting at $1,599 — Airfare and Hotels Included!!

Machu Picchu (Photo: Thinkstock)

The deal: A seven-night tour of Peru, including Machu Picchu, with airfare and hotels included, for as low as $1,599 per person (based on departure from Miami). It’s a $580 saving on competing packages..

When you’ll go: You can depart near year on January 24, January 31, February 21, or March 21. For $100 more, you can depart  November 22, 2014; or March 28, April 4, or April 25, 2015.  

Why we love it: That photo above probably says more than we could, but Machu Picchu and its ruins provide one of the most uniquely stunning places on Earth, and you’ll be saving a bundle with this package, which in addition to air and lodgings includes three guided tours, the train to Machu Picchu, and daily meals. You’ll also experience Lima, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, and the Floating Islands. A bonus: because the available dates are off-season, you won’t have to contend with the large crowds for the views.

What you can do: Your trip begins in Lima, and after getting acquainted with the city you’ll fly to Cusco, the historic center of the Incan empire. From the Sacred Valley you’ll see the Inca Fortress and Citadel of Ollantaytambo, which protected that part of the Valley from invaders. On a mountain ridge above the Valley is Machu Picchu, whose 700-year-old ruins are the highlight of the trip. Later, you’ll travel to Puno and the nearby floating islands.

How long does this last? July 31 (subject to availability), so book soon!

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