5 Things We're Ordering the Minute Amazon's Flying Delivery Thingy Happens

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
December 11, 2013

Amazon.com introduced Prime Air yesterday. Despite what its name suggests, it is not a smog filtration device, nor is it a vaporizer. It’s a new delivery system in which little flying robots will, like steel carrier pigeons, pluck items straight from Amazon’s warehouse and drop them on your doorstep within half an hour or less. AND THAT IS AMAZING.

Here’s what our world will look like when this program actually takes flight, which should be in 2015.

* Our best friend wants to know what she should make for dinner tonight. We send her a WHOLE COOKBOOK of options.

* We forgot ground beef for the Bolognese. We could just fly it to ourselves WHILE WE’RE CHOPPING ONIONS.

* We’ve only got one hour. Do we take a bath or do we pick up cheese from the store before our guests arrive? WE DO BOTH, GURL.

* We’re flying to Paris straight from the office (because that’s what our lives will be like in 2015, duh) and we forgot our camera at home. How are we going to snap all of those beautiful baguettes? BOOM

* We invited that dude over for a nightcap but don’t have any booze at home. We order a bottle WHILE WE’RE STILL FLIRTING AT THE BAR. 

Heaven. Truly.