5 Snacks You Need to Eat in the Hong Kong Airport Now

Jo Piazza
Managing Editor
June 6, 2014

(Photo: Hong Kong International Airport)

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: large Asian cities know how to give good airport. We’re talking about the hotels they have past the security checkpoint, their intimidatingly high-tech bathrooms, and the fantastic shopping (Chanel, Burberry, Prada, Ports). And most importantly, food.

Still, with so many options, it can be nerve-racking trying to figure out what will be tasty, what will do harm to your tastebuds, but may do you more harm than good on your next flight. 

With three hours to spare in the Hong Kong International Airport (sadly not enough time to get into town and back) I did a quick and dirty crawl in the food court, in search of the five things worth snacking on during your layover. There are plenty of very American options (Spaghetti House!), but we suggest getting a little (just a little) out of your comfort zone.

(Photo: Tsui Wah)

Fish Balls from Tsui Wah Eatery: It may be considered fast food, but the Tsui Wah fish balls are actually made fresh every day with eel and 10 other kinds of fish. Enjoy them in a scallion broth with flat rice noodles for just 42 HKD ($5.41).

(Photo: Saboten)

Chicken KatsuDon at Saboten: Want something simple, with a little Asian flare? This deep-fried chicken topped with egg, onion, and a sweet and spicy sauce will satisfy even the pickiest palate for 98 HKD ($12.64).

(Photo: Jo Piazza)

McDonald’s Spicy Beef Burger with Potato Wedges: This is Hong Kong’s take on McD’s and it is a delight … spicy beef, thick-cut fries. Delicious for 38HKD ($4.90), with a drink.

(Photo: Jo Piazza)

Beer Slushie at Ajsen Ramen: June in the Hong Kong Airport is a sweaty, sweaty time. With temperatures hitting 94 degrees outside by noon and air conditioning that leaves something to be desired, you will want to chill out with a frozen Kirin Ichiban. Comes with four homemade dumplings for just 80HKD ($10.31).

(Photo: Jo Piazza)

Pork Buns in the Cathay Pacific Lounge Noodle Bar: Blink and you could miss it! The Noodle Bar is tucked way into the back of Cathay’s premium lounge, hidden behind a large stone wall (that helpfully says “Noodle Bar”). Once there you have your pick of delicious delicacies like Dan Dan Mien noodles in peanut sauce, vegetarian ramen noodles with corn and lotus root, and one of the best pork bao I have had in my entire life (bold, I know). The noodling is free, if you have entry to the lounge.

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(Photo: Jo Piazza) 

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