2 Missing After Tourist Boat Sinks Near Bali

Brittany Jones-Cooper
Editor, Yahoo Travel
August 18, 2014

A Marine Police officer questions a survivor from the boat that sank Saturday evening on its way from Lombok island to Komodo island. (Photo: AP)

Eight more tourists and five Indonesian crew were found floating in a lifeboat on Monday. This is nearly two days after the tourist boat they were on sank in the Indian Ocean.

Officials say two tourists are still missing.

The boat was traveling from Lombok island to Komodo island on Saturday, when it was caught in a dangerous storm. Ten survivors were pulled from the water later that night and early the next day. “The incident took place … when the boat hit a reef and sank, “ said a search and rescue official. “Fishermen managed to rescue five of them alive later at night on Saturday, and five other foreigners were rescued by a sailing boat.”

French survivor Bertrand Hommassel told the AFP that he and others survived the harrowing event by taking matters into their own hands. “People started to panic… Everyone took the decision to swim to the closest island, five kilometres away, where there was an erupting volcano,” said Hommassel. The group took six hours to reach the island, and survived the night my drinking their own urine and eating leaves. They were rescued on Sunday by a passing boat.

The rescued tourists come from The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and New Zealand.

The two tourists still missing have not been identified.

Indonesian search and rescue officials say that efforts to find the missing tourists are ongoing. 

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