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13 Adorable Thanksgiving Dresses … That Also Conveniently Hide a Food Baby

Leeann Duggan
Senior Editor
Yahoo Style

Thanksgiving is a weird holiday, fashionwise. Your plans could include anything from barhopping with high school pals to dinner with extended family — or this writer’s personal favorite holiday “activity,” a nice long sack-out in front of FXX’s Simpsons marathon. So chances are, your Thanksgiving weekend wardrobe needs to cover a lot of ground, from formal-ish to lounge mode.

But the one thing most women need this weekend is a dress that hides the food baby we’ll all soon have after our second (OK, third) plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie. That’s where this list comes in. Whether your plans are fancy or casual, we have a dress that’s equal parts cute and comfy and will camouflage for you.

From a stretchy knit midi dress to a cool high-waisted gown, or a short cocktail frock with trendy (and strategic) ruffles across the front, click ahead for 13 buys that you can say “yes” to seconds in.