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The Optimist, Atlanta, Georgia

The Optimist’s executive chef Adam Evans has concocted two different versions and schedules for serving this sandwich. Just during lunchtime, a slightly warm Maine-style roll with fries is available in this hot spot’s main dining room. In the restaurant’s Oyster Bar and served in the evening, you’ll find a chilled version in toasted brioche with salt-and-vinegar chips.  

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In Honor of Summer's Perfect Dish: The Top 10 Most Mouthwatering Lobster Rolls in the US

Yahoo TravelAugust 5, 2014

Lobster rolls are a longtime New England delicacy, but this fish sammie has been clawing its way far from Maine and onto menus across the U.S. From coast to coast, here are 10 places offering innovative takes and twists on this classic seafood dish.