10 Bad Yelp Reviews for a Decade of Yelping

Rachel Tepper Paley
August 4, 2014

If you’ve ever descended into a blind rage after being served a soggy basket of tasteless chicken tenders, you can thank Yelp for giving your anger a proper outlet. Kudos, Yelp, for democratizing restaurant reviews. And for showing us how insane a place the internet can be.

The review site celebrates 10 years in October and has been hosting birthday bashes across the country since last month, but we figure that the best way to truly celebrate Yelp is to recall a few awesomely horrible reviews from the past decade.

Here goes:

One dude’s fatalistic review of a Wendy’s in Sunnyvale, California:

And this person’s completely unhelpful review of a Los Angeles Morton’s Steakhouse:

A review of Alinea in 2008… by someone who never ate there:

And this guy who really, really does not want you to make a rookie mistake at Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas:

It’s cool that sometimes you fall in love with a California Pizza Kitchen in New York City:

Hats off to this dude, who really cut to the chase regarding his opinion on Rainbow Pizza in Chicago, Illinois:

You can’t forget this lady, who dreamed up a conspiracy theory about why the staff of a Taco Bell was so darned happy:

And this reviewer clearly displeased with his “very good” dishes at Spago in Beverly Hills, California:

Even Yelp reviewers sometimes question why they’re Yelping, as was this reviewer following a meal at Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California in 2006:

But our favorite review of all time is one written by a woman who saw Chicago KFC with clear eyes for the first time in 2007:

Here’s to another 10 years, Yelp. Reviewers, let the reviews flow ceaselessly from your heart to our computer screens!