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mls exterior Will Liberace's Las Vegas home see glory again?

This is one of 10 photos from the foreclosure listing. Beginning at slide 11, you can find some higher-quality shots of the furnished home taken by Flickr user Miss Shari.

Will Liberace's Las Vegas home see glory again?

September 5, 2013

A dusty chandelier holds center court over marble floors, undoubtedly once polished to a high gloss. A grand French staircase leads upstairs. A built-in wet bar is tiled in mirrors. A mural — inspired by Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel — adorns a ceiling.

Liberace died in 1987. His Las Vegas estate passed through a few owners, selling to a developer for $3.7 million in 2006. Then Las Vegas’ real estate bubble popped, and the home went into foreclosure in 2010. The bank listed the home for sale at the end of July for $529,900. A month later, British real estate developer Martyn Ravenhill heard about the home’s listing.

“I grew up thinking Liberace was wonderful,” Ravenhill told British newspaper Get Surrey. “I was inspired by him from an early age. I learnt the piano because of him.” Walking through the 2-bedroom, 10-bath home “felt like destiny,” he said. He paid $500,000 for it.

Ravenhill plans to completely restore the home, working closely with the Liberace Foundation. And once the home is back to its glittery, glamorous self, he may even consider opening it to the public. “Most importantly, I want to do what Liberace would have wanted with the house. He wouldn’t want it left to gather dust and fall apart. He would want it looking fantastic.” | By Catherine Sherman, Zillow

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