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Photos of a White House gut renovation entrance hall november 1947
November 1947: "Photo of the entrance hall of the White House, prior to the renovation. From an album of photographs by Abbie Rowe of the White House, prior to the 1949 renovation." -- National Archives

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Before-and-after photos of a White House gut renovation

March 5, 2013

And you thought your home renovation was bad! President Truman had the White House gutted. But he said the outer walls couldn't be touched -- and since a bulldozer wouldn't fit through a doorway, it had to be taken apart and reassembled within. Read more about the historic White House renovation on Yahoo! Homes' Spaces blog.

The photos here include before-and-after shots of the entrance and main staircase (slides 1-5); the Blue Room (slides 6-8); the East Room (slides 9-13); Truman's study (slides 14-16); the State Dining Room (slides 17-20); and the kitchen and pantry (slides 30-32).